Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Community Compounding Pharmacy can compound most hormones in various dosage forms per prescription such as:

  • capsule
  • cream
  • oil drops
  • sublingual troche

The route of administration is chosen based on a patient's needs as well as drug characteristics.

There are certain times in a woman's or man's life when hormone levels need to be balanced and you can choose compounded bio-identical hormones as your mode of therapy.

Bio-identical hormones are derived from a natural source and can be used for hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

These hormones are made to be identical to the hormones that our bodies produce. Your doctor can prescribe the dosage form that works best for you, your body and your specific symptoms.

One of the advantages of compounded hormones is the doctor can formulate a prescription specifically to the patient's individual needs. There is no typical prescription because they are all custom made for our patients.

Once therapy begins, our pharmacists will continue to work with you and your doctor to make sure your hormone therapy is working correctly, adjusting the dose if necessary, and ensuring that the medication is just right for your body.

A Message For Prescribers and Clinic Staff

Our team of pharmacists is available to talk with you about HRT for your patients.

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